The Willing Workers "Comfort Lodge"

Built in 1910 under the supervision of Willis Barker.  This undated postcard is the oldest picture we have found of the building.  Notice it is one color in this picture while in later photos the building is two-toned.  Also in the foreground on the right is a pile of bricks that was used to build the chimney seen in later photos.

This undated photo shows the building completed, with the exterior in two colors.  The chimney is also completed.  Other than the porch roof-line being somewhat lower today, and the porch being only in the front the building appears much the same today as in this photo. 

    As the building appears today (photos taken Sept 7, 2005).  

In 2004 the Willing Workers President Donaldeen Turner and the remaining active members of the Willing Workers decided to disband and donate their meeting place, Comfort Lodge, to the Stewart M Lord Memorial Historical Society and Museum of Burlington Maine.  Comfort Lodge was built in 1910, and has been used by other clubs over the years.  The Men's Triangle Club and the women's Golden Chain Club are two that have met here in times past.  Many old books, pictures, and the furnishings last used by the Willing Workers are housed inside.

The Historical Society hopes to open the building to the public during museum hours in 2006.

As part of our ongoing preservation efforts some repairs were made in 2005.  We jacked the porch to relevel the floor, and reroofed the porch and 1/2 the main building.  Also the propery lines were cleaned out and remarked, and much brush was removed from near the building.  Now that the roof is repaired we hope to install vinyl siding in 2006.