Here is a link to the booklet "Ye Olde Maine Camps Inc" which contains some information about the Tavern.

The tavern was built in 1844, and purchased by the historical society in 1984. Many travelers and lumbermen stayed here in years past. Today our visiters enjoy looking through the old hotel register for family names.

Below are some pictures from the main floor of the tavern.

The hotel register

Locally made hatrack

The living/dining room

The tavern kitchen and old cookstove

The parlor/living room. This room is dedicated

to the memory of Charles & Deborah Hatch.

Bedroom Restored by the Bowers Reunion

Bedroom restored by the Thurlow Family Reunion

Sewing room restored in memory of Leroy & Maggie Bowers

Nursery restored by the Fleming Family

Bedroom dedicated in memory of Allie & Amy Cole and Hope Shorey

Upstairs hallway

Tool room restored by the family of William Stanley

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