The Harry S. Shorey Memorial Building
The Shorey building was built in 1979 under the leadership of Delmont Engstrom of Lowell, Maine.
This building contains many items of Harry Shorey's and his and other area families.  There are many photos, ledgers, journals, town reports and other documents available for study as well as items of daily living on display.

   Probably one of the most influential families in the history of Lowell and Burlington was the Porter family.  Col. Joseph Porter came to Lowell from Brewer by way of Milton, Mass. in 1840.  He raised several sons of which two were known statewide.
   Col. Joseph W. Porter (1834-1900) served his state as a senator, representative, executive councilman and was a strong republican leader.  As a historian he became nationally famous and his nine volume Bangor Historical Magazine remains a much used source of information on Maine's history.
   His brother Thomas W. Porter was also well versed in government circles, serving as a representative to the state legislature.  He was very prominent in Burlington town affairs and served many years as it's postmaster.  This building stands on land he owned and was once a storehouse with his small general store located nearby.  His made his home in the set of buildings across the street which later became the home of George A. Lord and family.