Gardiner D. Page Building, built in 1988

This building, referred to simply as the "Page" building by museum members was built in 1988, primarily to house the bateau. 

The bateau was used on Nicatous Lake around 1850-1900 at which time lumbering was booming in the area.  It carried lumbermen and supplies across the lake to the lumbering operations, and was also used in log drives on Nicatous Lake.  It was owned by Gardner B. Page and loaned to the museum by the Gardner D. Page family.

Not quit visible in the photo is a small steam engine in the aft-center of the bateau.  This turns a shaft mounted propeller which powered the boat across Nicatous Lake.
The pung and surrey were owned by Gardner B. Page and used in Burlington from 1850 to 1900.  They are on loan to the museum from the Gardner D. Page family.

Pung: (noun) a one-horse sleigh consisting of a box on runners.

Surrey: (noun) A four-wheeled pleasure carriage, (commonly two-seated) somewhat like a phaeton, but having a straight bottom.

This hay press was donated by the Kirk M. Fogg family of Burlington, Maine.  It was used on Henry & Kirk Fogg's farm over 100 years ago.
This display is an old steam-powered water pump.  There are also are some photos of it connected up to plumbing and a chimney in someone's cellar.

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