4th of July Blueberry Pancake Breakfast & Burlington Parade
   The 4th of July is a big day for the historical society.  It not only is one of our largest fundraisers, but also kicks off our "open" season for the museum.  During and after the pancake breakfast there are homemade donuts and coffee for sale on the tavern porch.  The donuts are well known, perhaps even famous, with many people stopping and requesting a "Porter" donut.  Of course all our homemade donuts are excellent, but for some folks it just has to be one of Fern's. 

  The car on the left is Cliff Barker's 1923 model-T Ford.  He's had it in this parade every year since 1978.  That's him driving.  I believe this picture is from the 2003 parade.  It is the first car he ever owned, having purchased it when he was still in high school back in 1944 for $100.  I'm told that his parents were not pleased when he cashed in some war bonds to buy this car!

   On the right is Cliff in his car shortly after it was purchased.  In the rear seat are his brother Bruce, Chester Clark and Cliff's dog Trixie.  Standing behind the car are Cliff's father Perry Barker and Paul Clark.  This picture was taken in Brewer, where the Barkers lived at that time.  Cliff used the car to make weekend trips to Burlington to visit his grandmother, traveling at a maximum speed of 40 MPH.  The family moved to Burlington in 1945.  Cliff drove the car for two years prior to entering the Army Air Forces in 1946 and putting the car into storage.  It was removed from storage in 1969 when Cliff retired from the Air Force.